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Oct. 14th, 9am — Collect numbers / late entries

Oct. 14th, 10am — Race Starts


Race Information


Sunday 14th October 2018. Race starts at 10.00am.


Upper Cambourne Cricket Pavilion, Cambourne, Cambridge CB23 6BP


Race organised by Fit4Life. This event will be run under an Association of Running Clubs permit.  Email: info@cambourne5k.co.uk


5k competitors must be at least 12 years of age on the day of the race.  Under 12’s can run but must be accompanied by an adult.


This years chosen charity is the Wildlife Trust who have kindly let us run through there wonderful park. Website: www.wildlifebcn.org


The 5 km race will start at 10.00am at the top of the footpath over the road to the Pavilion, which will be clearly marked. There are some changing facilities in the Pavilion. Please arrive at least 45 minutes before the race start. This will enable you to pick up your race number and get changed with plenty of time. Please collect numbers by 9.30am at the latest.


There will be entries on the day but will only be taken up to 9.30am at the latest and only if the race limit is not reached. Race Limit is 300. Runners may run with a dog, but these must be on a lead and should start at the back of the field.


There will be limited parking available at the Pavilion and surrounding roads. Please cycle/walk if possible. The Citi 4 bus stops next to the Pavilion.


A single lap, mixed terrain course consisting of mainly compacted hardcore path with a mixture of grass footpaths and approximately 0.5 km of tarmac pavement. Runners will cross two roads at the very start of the race. See the map. Sorry, the course is not suitable for wheelchairs. Note the course has been measured with a Garmin GPS.


Please do not exchange your number with anyone else without authorisation from the race director. Numbers must be attached to the front of your running top. Please note that mutilation or non-display of your number could lead to a disqualification.


There will be qualified first aid personnel in attendance at the race. A runner must retire from the race immediately if required to do so by a medical official. Please observe advice from on-course marshals. We recommend not using an MP3 player whilst running the race as it impairs your ability to hear marshals’ instructions.


There are no drinks stations on the course but water will be available at the end of the race, should you need a drink we suggest your bring your own suitable drink.


We welcome spectators but would advise them to stay on the paths so as not to hinder runners.


All 5k finishers will receive a race souvenir. This may variey depending on date of entry.


Please do not  stop once you have crossed the finish line. Remain in the order you finished and move through the finish funnel. Do not obscure your number or remove your vest until out of the funnel. It is important that when you have finished your race you do not run back along the course and run in with another runner, this can cause double entry of numbers and incorrect results. Have a drink in the recovery area.


Race prizes will be presented in the Pavilion as soon as practical after the race..


Results will be available shortly after the race and will be put on the race web site as soon as possible afterwards on the website. If you have any questions or problems please contact info@cambourne5k.co.uk


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When you register and run in the Cambourne 5k, you run entirely at your own risk. You declare that you are fit to run. The organisers will not be held responsible for any injury sustained during, or as a result of, taking part in this event, or for any loss or damage to property whatsoever. All competitors must complete the race on foot, people on bikes and scooters are not allowed to take part in the race.

Any children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult who is is responsible for their safety. The adult must have paid the adult entry fee to take part in the race. 5km can be a long distance for a young child and our marshals are unable to leave their post to take a child who has pulled out of the run or become distressed or has become lost or separated from a parent back to the start.

All competitors who complete the run are entitled to a momento. This will vary depending on entry date.


Pictures and video footage may be taken on the Cambourne 5k and may be used on the www.cambourne5k.co.uk website or the Cambourne 5k Facebook or Twitter page or that of our sponsors and in advertising material and media write-ups. All competitors entering agree to their photograph being used for these purposes. If you don’t wish your photograph to be taken please tell one of the registration staff when you pick up your number.


No refunds will be given once you have registered for the event, unless due to unforeseen circumstances the event does not take place.


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